Rehabilitation and Mentoring Outreach Services (RAMOS)

RAMOS will include clinical services that will be administered by highly qualified clinicians and/or doctors who will provide diagnostic assessment services to screen and identify high risk areas upon admission to the Health and Wellness Program. Individual Mentoring Services component will be orientated to empowerment, recovery and competency. RAMOS will also provide Positive Behavioral Training for children and youth by working on remedial skills.

Family Advocacy & Mediation Services (FAMS)

Family Advocacy & Mediation Services coaches will provide support to enhance, empower, and educate vulnerable families. Families will be able to understand their child(s) special education rights and criteria; while providing support in the community through schools, health and human services, and the juvenile justice system. This also included crisis intervention strategies that help with utility, rental, health, and education assistance.

Fitness & Health Strategies

Fitness and sports provide children and youth with opportunities to grow physically as well as emotionally. Physical activities with other children allow them to build a number of skills including leadership, teamwork, and social skills through peer interaction.
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